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Healthy Insights

2nd Quarter 2017


Mike Cole

At Quest Diagnostics, we understand the power of laboratory insights. We know that our tests help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat conditions for your members. And further, we know that test results are often the first step in healthcare decision making, allowing physicians to take appropriate clinical actions and playing a vital role in health outcomes. We are dedicated to partnering with you to ensure that your members have access to the best care, and we know that often, thoughtful care begins with Quest Diagnostics.

In this edition of Healthy Insights, discover some of the key benefits you can unlock using Quest lab insights. Download our white paper, The value of laboratory expertise and data insights for health plans, to learn how to get the most from your lab, particularly in the shift from volume- to value-based care. Plus, find out what physicians say they need to make that shift in our 2017 study.

I also invite you to join us on July 13th to explore approaches for effective genetic testing in a live webinar. We'll discuss the impact of genetic testing for health plans, considerations related to the clinical utility of genetic tests, strategies for appropriate test use, and more. Register here.

As we round the corner to the second half of 2017, I look forward to our continuing dialogue about how Quest can partner with you to achieve your business objectives.

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Mike Cole
Vice President, Health Plans


News & Updates


Quest Diagnostics CIO Lidia Fonseca Wins 2017 Forbes CIO Innovation Award

The Forbes award recognizes the innovation of Quest Diagnostics QuestQuanumTM portfolio of data analytics and information technology solutions, which help providers and health plans improve quality, health and financial outcomes.

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Study: Progress on the path to value-based care

Where are we on the journey to value-based care? What obstacles are ahead, and what are the key considerations for adoption? Learn what physicians and health plan executives are saying in this newly released study.

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Big wins in managed care, thanks to personalized medicine

A 2017 report from the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) says personalized medicine can achieve better health outcomes while reducing costs. Quest Diagnostics Dr. Jay Wohlgemuth agrees, "Advances in technology and science have identified many promising opportunities to improve outcomes through insights revealed by novel diagnostic solutions."

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Quest Diagnostics to form national precision oncology center of excellence

Quest will help improve detection and management of cancer nationwide by acquiring two laboratory businesses in Texas. The agreement will make Quest the preferred provider of the US Oncology Network, which is the largest network of oncologists in the US, providing access to cancer care through over 400 locations and 1400 physicians across the nation.

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Engagement Tools


White paper: The value of laboratory expertise and data insights for health plans

Download to learn key benefits of laboratory-derived insights, and how you can leverage those insights to close gaps and improve quality and health outcomes.

Download white paper ›

Live Webinar: Key considerations for health plans for an effective approach to genetic testing

Listen live on July 13th to a panel discussion led by genetics experts, exploring trends in genetic testing, the impact on health plans, key considerations in effective use, and common misconceptions about proprietary genetic tests.

Register here ›

Live Webinar: How to use member health data to change the traditional in-home assessment

Join us on July 19th to learn how to build a custom nurse practitioner assessment program that leverages current prescription, laboratory, and member-reported data to make in-home assessments more valuable encounters for your members and your business.

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