Life at Quest Diagnostics

Taking care of people is our business.
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Touching millions of lives

Each day, our 45,000 employees strive to find new ways to empower clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes. Our services range from routine tests- like cholesterol panels, Pap testing and white blood cell counts - to sophisticated cancer testing, gene-based and molecular testing. We perform diagnostic tests that aid in the diagnosis or detection of, and measure the progress or recovery from a disease. 

Beyond laboratory testing, we offer services to a range of other customers and organizations including physicians, employers and insurers. Thousands of physicians use our information technology expertise to order lab tests, deliver timely test results, share clinical information, and prescribe drugs to patients. Employers rely on Quest to help reduce illegal drug use in their workplace and provide programs to promote wellness and disease prevention. Quest is also the leading provider of risk assessment services to the life insurance industry. 

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A Unique Working Environment & Culture 

Our employees are treated with care and respect in a friendly and collaborative environment that nurtures diversity in experience, culture and perspective. We work hard and strive to produce quality work because there are people behind every decision we make. 

Working at Quest Diagnostics offers employees the chance to work in an inclusive and inspiring environment while simultaneously making a great impact on human healthcare and the world at large. 

At Quest, we always make time to have fun and recognize our accomplishments. Local business units regularly hold events to celebrate employees' years of service and the achievement of business unit goals. We host special activities such as Lab Week, customer service week, and hold diversity celebrations including Black History month, Hispanic American month, Asian Pacific Americans month, Gay Pride month and Veteran's Day. 

As one of America's Best Employers, named by Forbes for three consecutive years, we are committed to providing an organization that develops our employees' skills both in the workplace and as individuals. 

We are committed to employee engagement because we believe engaged employees lead to satisfied customers and shareholders. We put our employees first in everything we do, every single day.

Our philosophy is simple: Trust. Engage. Respect. 

  • We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of trust that fosters creativity and innovation. Our employees know that they are trusted and valued contributors, which enables the organization to have the confidence to pursue novel ideas that ultimately grow our business. 
  • We provide opportunities for engagement throughout all levels of the organization. Doing work that is meaningful and challenging allows employees to engage with each other, which fosters strong communication, teamwork, and a sense of community. 
  • We ensure a culture of respect that not only recognizes accomplishments, but recognizes who we are as unique individuals. Our diverse, inclusive workplace brings in new perspectives and experiences that help our organization flourish to its highest potential.