Oral Fluid Overview

Quest Diagnostics Oral-Eze oral fluid collection and testing system showing the blue window indicator
Oral fluid testing offers confidential lab-based drug test results from simple oral fluid collection method for employers. When compared to urine and hair drug tests, oral fluid will typically detect drugs closer to the time of use.


Test with Quest

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Working with an industry leader is always a sound decision, but we know that other factors come into play when selecting a drug testing provider. As such, we’ve listed the top ten reasons why you should choose to work with Quest Diagnostics.

Advantages of Oral-Eze®

Oral-Eze device with blue indicator window showing
The Oral-Eze Oral Fluid Collector provides all the advantages of previous collection systems, along with the added benefit of our indicator window technology that takes the guesswork out of collections.

Process and Certifications

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Our drug testing panels yield reliable results that allow employers to screen with confidence using oral fluid.
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Oral Fluid Collections

Oral-Eze Oral Fluid Collection Device

Oral fluid collections are simple and non-invasive to perform and as such they are typically conducted by the employer at the workplace.
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