Oral Fluid Overview

Quest Diagnostics Oral-Eze oral fluid collection and testing system showing the blue window indicator
Oral fluid testing offers confidential, lab-based results for employers after a simple collection. When compared to other drug tests, oral fluid will typically detect drugs closer to the time of use.

Oral Fluid Testing FAQs

Man holding an Oral-Eze device

Why choose lab-based oral fluid drug testing? What is the detection window for drugs in oral fluid? What drugs are tested with oral fluid testing?

Advantages of Oral-Eze®

Sliding Oral-Eze oral fluid collection pad into tube

Oral-Eze is a patented oral fluid collection system with built-in indicator window that turns blue to show that there is an adequate sample collected for drug testing.

Process and Certifications

Quest Diagnostics male scientist in the toxicology and drug testing lab

Our drug testing panels yield reliable results that allow employers to screen with confidence using oral fluid.
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Oral Fluid Collections

Oral-Eze oral fluid collection

Many employers choose Oral-Eze because it offers a fast, observed collection that can be completed at their place of employment, reducing lost productivity.

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