KNOWING you have a choice

You choose the doctors, hospitals, and therapists that matter to your health. When it comes to your blood work, you have a choice—and that choice matters for your health.

KNOWING your costs

Quest Diagnostics is covered by nearly every major health plan in Metro New York, so preventive testing could be covered at no or low cost based on your coverage.

KNOWING we’re here

Quest Diagnostics offers testing for all sorts of health issues. It’s easy to get your blood taken at your doctor’s office or at one of our 130 Patient Service Centers across the New York metropolitan area.

KNOWING your health

With preventive testing provided by Quest Diagnostics, you and your doctor can help make sure you’re healthy.

KNOWING your results
KNOWING_your_results With MyQuest, understanding your health has never been easier. Our free app lets you make your blood work appointments and get results from almost any device.
KNOWING that we care
KNOWING_that_we_care The Quest Diagnostics Patient Assistance Program offers financial assistance for eligible patients on an as-needed basis so you can get the tests you need.