Diagnosing irritable bowel
syndrome (IBS)

Doctor reviewing results of a test for IBS

Historically, diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome required a process of elimination—ruling out all other possible causes of IBS-like symptoms before deciding that a patient had IBS. IBSDetex™ gives doctors a new tool to identify IBS as the cause of symptoms. It can shorten time to diagnosis and treatment—and symptom relief.

Diagnosing IBS-D or IBS-M: the old way

Until recently, diagnosing IBS was exceptionally difficult. That’s because IBS symptoms can be caused by other conditions, such as celiac disease. It could sometimes take years and a lot of costly tests and medical appointments to rule out all other causes before arriving at a diagnosis of IBS-D (IBS with diarrhea) or IBS-M (IBS with both diarrhea and constipation).

The new way: the IBSDetex Test

IBSDetex is a simple blood test that can help tell you and your healthcare provider whether you have IBS-D or IBS-M. It’s accurate and requires only a blood draw. Best of all, you’ll have an answer within 72 hours of our lab getting your blood specimen.

Once you have a diagnosis of IBS-D or IBS-M, you and your healthcare provider can discuss treatment options to help you feel better.

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