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For BlackBerry® and Apple® iPhoneGet your lab results with MyQuest™ 

MyQuest, the patient portal and free mobile app, empowers you to:

  • Get valuable insights into your personal health 

  • Receive easy-to-understand lab results directly on your mobile device or desktop 

  • Be prepared for an emergency with critical health information for medical responders

  • Schedule and receive medication reminders 

  • Schedule appointments and find nearby Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers 

When you register for a secure MyQuest account and sign-up to receive your lab results, we automatically send you all lab results performed within the past 60 days, and will send you any new tests that you have in the future.

MyQuest Advanced AccessTM

Now with Advanced Access, you can have even more control over your health information. With Advanced Access, you get access to your historical results dating back to January 1, 2010. Advanced Access presents your results in an easy-to-read summarized format with trending information so you can track past and future lab results together in one place.

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We do not charge a fee to use this app. However, your carrier’s data and usage charges apply.

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