The 4myheart® Program provides personalized care to help improve and maintain heart health, based on individual test results. Enrollment in the program is available through your doctor at no cost or obligation for 6 months after testing is ordered. Using the test results and the doctor's treatment plan, a team of Clinical Educators provides counseling and information to help address your risk for heart disease and stroke—and strategies to help reduce that risk level.

Clinical Educators can instruct you about the following important areas:

  • Nutrition Choices: Eating the right type and amount of foods
  • Physical Activity: Choosing the appropriate amount, intensity, and type of exercise
  • Stress Management: Learning and practicing stress-relief methods
  • Medication Adherence: Discussing how medications work, why they are needed, and how to lessen or prevent side effects

Patients taking part in the 4myheart® Program may also access:

  • Community sessions that help patients connect with each other and learn more
  •, which includes heart-healthy recipes, 4myheart team challenges,
    and much more!

Download our how-to guide to enroll in the 4myheart® Program
with Quest Diagnostics.