Ensure that your lab test orders are resolved faster—and streamline your workflow

Lab order errors can be easily accessed and resolved through
Quanum™ eLabs (formerly Care360™ Labs & Meds).

Here’s how it works:

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  • 1.   Log in to Quanum eLabs using your existing Care360 eLabs (formerly Care360 Labs & Meds) account information

    If you don’t have a Quanum eLabs account, set one up.

    If you have a Quanum eLabs account but your credentials have expired, you can reset your password right on the main login page or call the Quest IT Connectivity Help Desk (1.800.697.9302).

  • 2.   Once you’re logged in, click on the link next to “Request for Billing Information” to launch the eTrailer application.

  • 3.   Depending on your needs, you can navigate through the following pages:

    Summary: shows you all of your outstanding billing trailers

    Detail: shows you the missing information for each test order

    Additional diagnosis capture: allows you to enter missing diagnostic codes

    Additional missing information: highlights missing information and allows you to enter updates

    Contact us: provides a phone number for assistance

Eliminate paper trailers today. Check out our training
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