Female doctor standing with mother and daughter.

Nearly one in three children who are tested for peanut allergies using a well-established and widely used blood test may be allergic to peanuts, according to the latest Quest Diagnostics Health Trends study to examine diagnostic insights into allergy trends in America.

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Cardiovascular Health

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A new peer-reviewed Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ study finds that decades of declines in LDL cholesterol blood levels, a key marker of death risk from heart disease, abruptly ended in 2008, and may have stalled since.

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Drug Testing Index™

Drug testing Testing report data

Increases in illicit drugs, including cocaine, drive workforce drug positivity to highest rate in 12 years according to an analysis of more than ten million workforce drug test results by Quest Diagnostics. View our interactive map showing urine drug test positivity in the U.S. 


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Women's Health

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A Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ study finds that many pregnant women are not screened for two common sexually transmitted diseases. The study, based on test results of 1.3 million pregnant women, found that only 59% and 57% of  women were tested at least once for chlamydia and gonorrhea, respectively, during their pregnancy.

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More Health Trends Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ reports also include studies of gestational diabetes, diabetes, H1N1 Influenza, kidney disease, cardiovascular health and rotavirus infection.