Quanum Lab Utilization

Better test utilization management can improve outcomes and reduce costs

Laboratory testing is healthcare’s single highest volume activity. Too often, an inappropriate test is selected, redundant tests are ordered, or a needed test is omitted.1,2

As a result, the average hospital loses $1.7 million annually to unnecessary testing,1 and much more when inadequate testing leads to conditions requiring costly imaging, surgeries, and hospital stays.

With laboratory tests guiding more than 70% of all medical decisions, improvements in appropriate test selection in compliance with evidence-based guidelines have the power to radically improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.3

Quanum Lab Utilization can help.

Optimize your lab test decisions

Quanum Lab Utilization is an easy-to-use solution that offers on-demand or customized reporting tools—providing the valuable insights and information you need to make laboratory test optimization decisions.

With Quanum Lab Utilization you get:

  • Utilization volume and spend reports, to analyze utilization patterns and costs
  • – Utilization Details Report—can be run at the organization, account, and provider levels; details and patterns can be viewed on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • – Utilization Spend Report—ongoing spend for all lab tests sent through Quest Diagnostics, with average price per test
  • An easy-to-use, web-based portal—making it fast and easy to identify improvement opportunities, promote clinically appropriate test selection, and track ongoing metrics to monitor progress for more uniform and cost-efficient care

Leverage our medical expertise

With Spectrum Analysis, you can electronically request a medical consultation to review the analysis of your testing patterns and compare against utilization benchmarks by time, gender, age, and geographic site.

Our expert medical directors prepare and present their findings and recommendations to your team and help you set a course of action.

Please contact your Quest Diagnostics sales representative to learn more.

Empower your decision-making

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