A More Accurate Way to Assess LDL-C
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The standard calculation for LDL-C can underestimate a patient’s LDL-C level, leading to possible undertreatment of some high-risk patients. Quest is the first major commercial laboratory to offer the new Martin-Hopkins Calculation for LDL-C, a novel, more accurate estimate to inform clinical decision-making. Read the Seth Martin, MD article

Endocrinology - Test Selection and Interpretation
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Find information relating to test selection, utilization, and interpretation of more than 170 of the endocrine-related tests performed at Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute. Access Endocrinology Manual.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Infertility in Women
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PCOS is the number one cause of infertility in women and often goes undiagnosed. We offer a complete PCOS testing portfolio.

Richard E. Reitz, MD

Dr. Richard E. Reitz, MD

Dr. Reitz, Medical Director, is part of our Quest Diagnostics Medical and Scientific Team. He specializes in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine. See more about professional consults.

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Testosterone Testing for Female Patients: Traps, Tips and Trends

Jon Nakamoto, MD, PhD, compares and contrasts testosterone assays and appropriate testosterone testing for female patients, including several clinical case studies focused on a variety of conditions. Read More.


Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD discusses vitamin D

Presentation Vitamin D discussion: its importance for bone health and reducing risk of chronic illnesses including autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, deadly cancers, as well as discussing the diagnosis, treatment and measurement.

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Tests for Drug-Resistant Hypertension

Adrenal disorders are sometimes the underlying cause of drug-resistant hypertension. Our Aldosterone and Plasma Renin Activity tests by LC/MS/MS provide better accuracy than currently available immunoassay tests. Read More.