Building physician and patient loyalty to boost relationships and referrals

Enhance your appeal by making your hospital the single source for routine and complex tests, consulting, IT solutions and patient engagement programs.

We understand your desire to strengthen links with physicians and patients in your community.

Outreach support

Maintaining a strong patient base is an important part of your performance. Outreach can be a key service component. We can collaborate in a range of ways to help achieve your business objectives.

For example, our online JDOS Blended Directory of Services helps you communicate with your clients by giving you around-the-clock control over your blended test listing.

  • Integrate seamlessly between in-house and reference test directories
  • Choose from online, electronic or print formats for a blended laboratory testing directory of services
  • Update the look and feel or availability of your test directory 24/7 via our online portal

Advancing patient community health

We offer several programs that improve patient care at both the individual and community level. These include cardiovascular and colon cancer disease management, as well as other disease states, for healthcare employees and other high-risk populations.

With our Blueprint for Wellness® program, community members can get personalized health assessments based on laboratory test results and/or information from a health questionnaire.

Our innovative IT programs link you, your physicians and patients efficiently and effectively

Improve communication with your physicians.

Our unique network of more than 200,000 physicians in over 80,000 locations can help link your physicians to the hospital. Quanum enables sharing and coordination of patient data across multiple physicians, as well as ordering and reporting online or via mobile. Care 360® Data Exchange offers complete interoperability between hospital and ambulatory systems. It saves providers the high cost of new infrastructure investment through seamless system integration.

A multi-award winning content management solution for improving patient care and maximizing business results through online access to the entire patient record without the need to resort to paper charts. ChartMaxx® offers efficient collection, access, and use of clinical, financial and administrative information.

Lab Information Systems (LIS)
LIS interfaces with more than 2,000 hospitals and 300 EMRs, enabling two-way communication with your lab while supporting and streamlining paperless ordering and resulting.

Keep your physicians current with new testing developments.

IntelliTest™ Manager
A flexible 24/7 online tool that gives you access to new test information, test updates and changes based on your specific account utilization over the past 12 months.

Allows you to order new tests immediately upon their release through your laboratory information system without any additional setup.

Support patient engagement and help drive compliance.

MyQuest™ Mobile Health App
Enables patient-driven online appointment scheduling, reminders, access to results, as well as medication management and information sharing.

Patients keep track of standing order tests and exams easily with our free TestMinder® service. Encourage your patients to enroll at their doctors’ offices to receive testing reminders via phone, email or text message to aid compliance.

Medical and scientific education

We provide you with valuable resources to help your staff stay current with ever-changing healthcare information and meet your continuing education needs.

With the Quest Diagnostics Education Center, you get on-demand access to the latest information in clinical and laboratory medicine at

Features include:

  • On-demand video and audio presentations
  • Insights from leading experts
  • Test selection and interpretation guides
  • Guidelines and best practices

When you sign up for our e-newsletters you will receive informative content, such as:

  • Interviews with key thought leaders on a range of topics in clinical and laboratory medicine
  • Information about live and on-demand webinars, many offered for credit
  • Updates to view instructional videos about diagnostic procedures and processes


Enhanced reporting

We provide you with reports that are graphic, clear and concise for faster and easier interpretation.

These reports are well organized and can facilitate your physicians’ consultations with their patients. Our Quanum Longitudinal Reports help you better manage and educate patients through enhanced presentation of lab and medication history, status and progress over time. These micro-level insights will help guide patient care.