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Online Presentation: How Prescription Drug Monitoring Can Help Identify Abuse

Leland McClure, MSci, PhD discusses current trends in prescription drug abuse/misuse, prescription drug monitoring programs, the assistance that laboratory testing can provide and more.


Email or Text Reminders
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For patients requiring recurrent testing to help monitor compliance, our free TestMinder® service makes it easy. Encourage your patients to sign-up for phone, email or text reminders for upcoming tests you’ve ordered.

Specimen Collection
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Clinical Drug Test Collection Kit

Our urine specimen collection container has a temperature strip to ensure that the sample is at body temperature. No chain-of-custody requirement makes it convenient for specimen collection right in your office or at a local Patient Service Center.

Testing Services
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Urine Drug Testing

Evaluate patient compliance, help detect potentially harmful drug interactions and identify select drugs of abuse with just one step. View our list of Prescription Drug Tests.  

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Our Expert Team

Toxicologists and toxicology specialists are available to answer your questions, assist with interpreting lab results, or consult about drug metabolism. Request a consultation.

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Results You Can Trust

Reports that are easy to read and interpret; medMATCH™, offers a report feature that when prescription information is provided will indicate if the patient’s results match the prescribed medication. medMATCH™ helps identify unexpected results.